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To play eye candy on the floor. Sierra is delightfully submissive. She lets out the sweetest little yelping moans and curls her toes when she cums that makes it well worth the wait. Both wrestlers are looking for their first win. Just as sexy to spice things up for myself and the men I love to fuck. In walks Sierra who discovers more than the toilets at this rest stop.

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Then, we use her flexibility to pin her legs back and fuck her deep in the mouth and ass simultaneously before letting him down and grabs his balls. Muzzled and bound, kneed in the balls, tit clamped, whipped and generally berated, nomad soon realizes the error of his ways. Perhaps the most hardcore of the sites, this is for the serious S&M fans.

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Domination Desires From The Duparquet Dungeon

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He is completely helpless as Trinity works him over, fucks him with a latex glove hand job that has him squirming out of his cock but when he can't cum for her she bends him over and briefly fucks his ass while he dangles helplessly. We instruct her in the tank in her latex outfit, shackled and chained. She was flogged, spanked, and fucked hard.

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I did my best to please Ashlynn and make Him come so that I could keep the outfit for free as long as I promised to come back to play with Kristina and Kendra, Sofia gets dragged out of hiding for a taste of her own medicine on behalf of all those guys she has Dommed over the years. Moans only grew louder. Later in the post shoot interview was very interesting.

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Lexi Belle devicebondage films - extreme torture pain

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Lexi asked for a hard flogging and I made sure to dish it out along with some facial humiliation to cut her down a notch, but she was on the verge of crying from misery and pain the whole time. (She claimed afterward she was "tearing" and wasn't even near her limits...I call BS..but I cant be 100% sure.) Of course I don't mind ramping it up because no one is going to die from a hard flogging, but it kept my crew on edge for 5 hours straight, causing us to stop and start in order to check in with her and wipe away the tears.

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New Arachnia Webb bondage movie scene

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Coming from a lifestyle bdsm background, the lovely Arachnia Webb submits to us beautifully. Watch her dance for us in predicament bondage throughout scene two's partial suspension. Then a full out spread-eagle suspension ends scene three.

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Exclusive Faith Bondage Sample Picture Scene!

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Since our lst shoot, Faith has been doing a lot of bondage in her personal life. She loves bondage and she discovered she loves something else: She loves sucking cock while helpless. She loves it hard, she loves it easy, and she loves cock in her mouth when she is tied up, period. During the interview she asks if that is something we could try. If you dont like bondage and blowjobs, sorry.